Uncategorized October 16, 2023

Where do we go?

Hello Real Estate World,


I hope everyone is doing well. In todays crazy times no one is sure of what is going to happen to the real estate market however there is one thing for sure and it is always going to be a necessity. This means if you are on the fence about buying you should take the leap as with the wars going on in the world and so much uncertainty in the current US dollar any intelligent investor understands to park your money somewhere you can get the most amount of leverage.

The leverage you get from real estate is a fantastic opportunity since all you may need is between 3.5-30%  down to obtain a loan on a substantial price point which history tends to show us only goes up in value in the long term. Obviously there are other criteria that the bank will look into when determining whether or not you are able to obtain financing however real estate is one of the best leveraging investments there are in the economy as we stand today. Here is a great link to see what else you may need to qualify for a loan https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/mortgages/how-to-get-a-mortgage . In future posts I will go into how you can get the most leverage for real estate and how it can work no matter the situation you are in.